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Hello, my name is Kelly Noland and welcome!

I am a retired nurse, an Army veteran and mother of a special needs child. 

I decided to run for office because it seems we are not heard. I am going to work hard to have our local concerns brought to the forefront and addressed in the timely matter that they deserve. 

As a medical professional, I am very aware of how broken our healthcare system is. In my experience, healthcare is a human right. We all deserve to live a happy and healthy life. Being a retired nurse, I am intimately familiar with big pharma practices and will endeavor to get the prices under control. It's unfortunate that healthcare is now more business than service orientated , that needs to change.

Attracting and retaining businesses locally to keep our economy vibrant and enhancing our schools is an integral part of my campaign plan. Our internet and cellular service is not dependable in the rural area, I will engage the fiber optic providers to expand and update the existing system, to be on par with services in urban areas.

Special attention to our Vet's, who really do give all. Focusing on rehabilitation and integration into civilian life after active duty and supporting agencies for veterans families. Also focusing on VA practices of health service. Ensuring that our vets and families get the support, of any kind, they deserve.

Protecting our environment for future generations, maintaining the integrity of our beautiful Great Lakes and watersheds with special emphasis on the beach erosion occurring with alarming frequency. Prevention of invasive species entering our lakes and managing our wildlife populations responsibly.

There are many issues challenging our district and it takes a person with dedication, drive and honor to tackle them. Starting my career in the Army at age 17 is when I learned that responsibility and hard work are needed to get the job done right. I am asking for your vote to re-focus my energies into striving for a better life for the people of district 10 and the great state of Michigan.


I am elected by the people, of the people, for the people. That is what it means to represent our district.



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