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Hi, I’m Kelly Noland, Democrat running to be your representative for U.S. Congressional District 10. I’m a U.S. Army veteran, retired nurse, wife, mother, and a lifelong resident of District 10. I’m proud to say I’m running a 100% grassroots funded campaign, so I’m truly by, of, and for the people.

As an Army veteran and retired nurse, I am uniquely qualified to understand what really concerns our community, here and now. My experience as a veteran and nurse motivated me to run for office to fight for the people of my district and that is what I will do as your member of Congress. Our local political situation demands action from a different source. I am not a person with money, nor do I have big name recognition. That is not how such an important decision should be made. Who really knows what it’s like day to day? The fear of something going wrong and not being able to afford it? We just want to make enough money to live, with maybe a vacation thrown in. We want to retire and know we have enough money to live on. We want our kids to have a quality education from the taxes we pay. We want to be able to see any doctor without fear of bankrupting medical bills. We want our voices to be heard.

Electing an official is serious business. It requires thought and knowledge of the candidate. Do they live here? Do they understand day to day living? Do they understand the fear of not having enough money? Do they understand the local economy? Can they understand what I need? I can and I do. I live here, grew up on a farm here and I know my local economy. I live paycheck to paycheck, just like you. My son is special needs and I wonder how he is going to live when I die. I worry about my dirt road getting graded for the potholes. I worry about my taxes going up. Once I’m elected, I will go to work and get the aid we need to keep rural hospitals open. I will fight for clean water, air and a healthy planet for our children. I will strive to decriminalize marijuana and promote research for any health benefits. I will work with local businesses to stimulate our local economies. I have so many ideas, I can’t wait to implement them!

District 10 can be blue. I need your help. I’m proud to have a grassroots campaign, and I am up against GOP candidates with billion-dollar donors. This Congressional seat is NOT for sale! With the current GOP control of District 10, our unemployment rate is 11.2%, almost 4 times the national average. Plants are being closed, farmers are going bankrupt and healthcare in rural areas is almost non-existent. For example, in Romeo-a town in our district-the Ford plant at 32 Mile and M-53 is closing. This will devastate their village tax base and many of the small businesses around it where the workers eat, buy gas and pick up necessities, along with kids’ sports teams currently sponsored by Ford. No one should have to live like this in the wealthiest country on the planet. Elected officials work for you, not the other way around. It’s time for us to start changing things.

That can only happen with you. Through your vote and your donation, together, we will take back our district and revitalize our local economies, initiate changes in healthcare distribution and encourage higher education at our community colleges! We will accomplish this by having satellite campuses in Port Huron, Lapeer, Caro and Port Austin.

Thank you for your support and belief in me. It will not be wasted.





























Committee to Elect Kelly Noland
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