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Making sure our voice is heard.

 It is crucial that a person sent to Washington DC knows their district. How are we doing economically? Do they understand the challenges facing rural voters? How will they improve our internet services? What about the possible closing of the Romeo Ford plant? When is the SMART bus system going to be here? What about the beach erosion this year?

These questions and more are what our representative should be concerned with. Everyday issues we all lose sleep over. I will work hard for you at our local level, concentrating on local economy stimulation.



Healthcare is a basic human right.

  Affordable healthcare should be a reality, not a dream. Private insurance can't be eliminated as it would destroy a trillion dollar industry and choice for Americans. Single-payer insurance with a private insurance option would be ideal. I would also have private insurance price fixed.

Pharmaceutical drugs, like maintenance drugs (insulin, heart medicine, birth control pills) would be free. Specialty drugs would be price fixed. The wealthiest country in the world has people dying, everyday, from lack of insurance coverage. We are also charged the highest amounts for drugs in the world.

I would introduce legislation to fix our healthcare needs. The costs are skyrocketing and becoming increasingly difficult to pay. You should not have to decide if you can hold off on your insulin for this month, or pay the mortgage.


Living wage.

Working two jobs just to get by is not the American Dream. Congress just passed a bill to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour by 2024. The wage increase would include "tipping" jobs. I will work with local businesses to see what the needs are and fix them. We need mass transit in our district, as it would open up better educational and work opportunities. I would fight to have that brought to our district.

Satellite campuses are needed in our district. University of Michigan, Michigan State, Wayne State, EMU, etc. I will work with school boards to ensure all of our tax dollars are going to education resources. Expanding educational outreach for people with disabilities.  


Our veterans deserve so much more from our country. Especially those with PTSD. I have a brother that served 4 terms in Iraq and he has this condition. MISSION Act is a start, but more is needed.

I would like to have better healthcare coverage for our vets. The option to see anyone, anywhere. We need to streamline the overspending happening at the VA. Expand services for families of vets lost in battle or suffering from PTSD. Offer outreach programs more efficiently to homeless vets. 

Tax cut?

The new tax laws passed by the Trump administration are mainly to benefit corporations and the 1% wealthiest in our nation.

A lot of people had to PAY taxes this year where usually there is a refund. Self-employed individuals were hard hit. After the tax cut went into effect, my husband and I expected a nice Christmas bonus, you know, the "trickle down" effect? My husband is employed by a global, Fortune 500 company. This was his 2018 Christmas bonus: a coffee mug, 2 red taper candles and 5 peanut butter cups. Not kidding. Some trickle down effect.

What actually happened was that large corporations took the money freed up by cuts and reinvested in the company, usually by stock purchases.

It was not invested in the work force.

Opioid crisis

Michigan prescribers use the MAPS system to track controlled substances. In 2017 & 2018, prescriptions dropped 15%. In 2017, a record high of deaths, 1,941, are attributed to opioid overdoses.

Some first time users of heroin are people unable to get prescriptions for opioids or can't buy from pill dealers. Heroin is largely now cut with Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, 50 times stronger than morphine. These related fentanyl deaths are up to 33.3% in 2015, from an 8.7% figure from 2005.

We need to focus more on communities hardest hit, with an emphasis on rehabilitation not incarceration. Our rural areas are definitely in need of better opportunities for treatment, counselling and family aid. 

Trade Wars

Trade wars with various countries has put the United States on track for a recession. Yes, the stock market is at an all time high, but it's been at this level for over a year.

Meaning, no real gains and losses instead. The unemployment rate doesn't include statistics for: people quitting jobs, retirement or people working 2 jobs. The wages for new jobs has remained stagnant, which means we are paying more for cost of living, yet not making enough to have an emergency fund.

Climate Change

Climate change is real. It's happening all around us. America needs to lead the way for innovation on this crisis. 

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