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  • ON HEALTHCARE:  Everyone is entitled to quality care throughout our lives. I would work to expand the ACA and I would legislate for maintenance medications like insulin, blood pressure and birth control pills, free. I would also have routine use antibiotics such as amoxicillin, erythromycin and keflex for free. Other specialty drugs would be price fixed. We are the richest country in the world we can afford healthcare for all.
  • ON EDUCATION:  Michigan's 10th congressional district is 80% rural and doesn't have reliable internet and cellular service making it very difficult to pursue higher education.  Our district lags behind in secondary school education graduates, which stifles progress in our rural areas.
  • THE ECONOMY:  We need to focus on re-building our small businesses and local infrastructures, to flourish once again post COVID.  Only by legislating for direct rural business funding, with lower employee thresholds, can we start to make a full recovery.
  • VETERANS:  Sad and striking fact, the state of Michigan is 50th in the nation with respect to Veteran's services. I will be a major advocate of change for us veterans, working to make healthcare, mental health and family services a priority in Michigan.
  • ENVIRONMENT:  With the water levels in the Great Lakes rising again to record highs, we need to take immediate action on shoreline preservation and protection of our drinking waters. Further inland, water tables have risen, silting is occurring at a faster rate in ponds, contamination of our groundwater by cancer causing chemicals, all of these problems and more need to be urgently addressed. I will be a strong advocate for the re-implementation of the EPA laws that have been rolled back by the current administration and for the push toward clean energy.

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