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I have been nursing for 33 years and have seen the healthcare industry turn into a service industry with "customers" instead of patients. That is why we need to re focus on the "care" part not the big profits. 

 I would legislate to expand the ACA and have maintenance drugs such as insulin, cardiac, birth control pills, etc., free. I would also add routine use antibiotics such as penicillin, tetracycline, erthromycin, etc., for free. Specialty drugs would be price fixed and I would also work to get rid of special interest groups that seek to influence decisions on Capital Hill about healthcare. I would not completely do away with private insurance as it is a multi trillion dollar industry and it would be devastating to our economy. I favor a gradual phasing over to health insurance for all, with private insurance becoming absorbed into the nationalization of healthcare.



Post COVID-19, the focus on our local economies will need to be greater. Without a healthy and flourishing infrastructure our national economy with not recover quickly. Small businesses make up 99% of our economy, not big corporations. We need to stop the huge tax breaks given to big corporations as we end up subsidizing our own welfare. Amazon paid -1% income tax last year receiving a $190 million refund. That money could have gone toward our schools, increase in wages and repairing our roads. I would legislate for equitable tax structure, regulate Wall Street and end the comfy protections many CEO's don't earn their pay for. 



Our teachers are essential workers and should be paid as such. Our children spend the majority of their time with them and teachers make lifelong impressions. The Michigan lottery only supports 17 days of school funding, that's it. In 1994 Proposal A was passed and it's time to revisit and upgrade the old law to ensure equitable funding. We are also 43rd in the nation on education spending and have the 6th highest cost in America of higher education tuition. I would legislate for free 2 year trade schools or 2 years of community college to encourage the higher education necessary to live in the 21st century. In my rural district, reliable internet and cellular service is spotty at best. These services are integral to the educational experience and I would work with the area providers to get grants to expand our access to broadband and cell service.

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